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Ever. Evolving. Style.

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The Man behind the designs

    Jon Pierce graduated from Furman University in 2013 with a B.A. in Theatre Arts focused on Costume Design. Upon graduation he spent the next 3 years apprenticing at Yelena Exclusive Atelier. After his apprenticeship ended, he officially launched his label Jon Pierce Fashions. 

    Since then Jon has showcased in multiple runway shows around the South East. The highlights including Costume Drama: A Fashion Show, Couture for a Cause, 5th Annual Color Me Goodwill, and Greenville Fashion Week.

      Jon draws inspiration from music, art, and experiences in the theatre.  His mantra Ever.Evolving.Style. is at the heart of all his designs.

      Jon believes that nothing is stagnant and that design should be an evolutionary practice.

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